Zen Slime
Zen Slime
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Secret caves in the Dry Reef and Moss Blanket




Mind Grape

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These strange and mysterious slimes have the power to float using meditation, they also have a number of interesting effects on the enviroment around them, as well as other slimes!

Slime behaviour and Rancher Risks:

These slimes are completely harmless, and can heal you if your near them! not only that, but any slimes caught within their 'Zen Aura' will be less likely to become agitated, Crops caught in this aura will also grow faster, so its recommended to make corals of these guys next to gardens and farms! However, if their not well fed, the aura will have negative effects on slimes and crops, these slimes are also extremely rare, only appearing in unique locations.


Average sized with peaceful ice blue eyes, their body is a light green, with a small white light resonating within them.


Zen plorts have amazing healing properties, and are very popular for medical uses, they can also be used to make calming scented candles...Mmmm....Scented candles...

Tips n Tricks

If a Zen Slime comes into contact with a Yin Yang slime, one or the other will hop onto the others head, when this happens, they become a powerful guardian of the peace in your ranch!

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