"Quite the shocking discovery!"

The Zap Slime is a slime that can be found anywhere near sources of electricity.Template:Infobox Slime


Diet: Meat and electricity

Favorite: Hyper Porko

Slimepedia Entry

The Zap Slime gets its energy mostly from electricity. it eats meat too, but not as much as other slimes. It is often found near electrical devices, snacking on excess voltage. They tend to overeat, though, because they are almost always seen bouncing around and hitting walls. Because of their strange diet, you will need a charger in a corral with them, or they will get less and less energetic, and eventually disappear.

Rancher Risks

As stated before, if they do not get enough electricity, they will eventually disappear. if it is low on energy, or wants some meat, they will try to zap you, but this will just use up more of its energy.


Zap Plorts are used in extremely effective energy drinks that can keep you running for 30 minutes without getting winded. unfortunately, there is no known way to dilute them, so the people who use them end up staying up all night.

Favorite Toy

Plasma Ball - Reduces agitation of nearby slimes, especially Zap Slimes who want to look at themselves but unfortunately there's no mirror.


A purple slime with a yellow plasma-ball effect effect and a very hyper face.




  • If there is a Power Cell toy in its corrral, it will need less electricity.