"'The fruit of balance, even if their weight differs."Template:Infobox FoodThe Yin Yapple is a fruit that grows on small trees in the Moss Blanket. It is favored by the Ninja Slime.

Ranching Tips

The Yin Yapple grows on small trees in the more secluded or hidden areas of the Moss Blanket. They are considered to be rare due to their often remote growing spots.

Slimepedia Entry



Favored By

Ninja Slime

On the Ranch

Deposit a Yin Yapple into a garden's depositor and you'll grow a Yin Yapple tree of your very own. The tree will last for several harvests.

Yin Yapples are both sour and sweet at the same time. The red sections of the fruit harbor the juicy, sweet flesh of the fruit, while the green sections are home to an area of sour, acidic flesh.


  • Thora West loves Yin Yapples.

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