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The Yandere Slime is an innocent-looking but dangerous slime. It is not a true variant of slime, as any slime can be a Yandere Slime. It is similar to the Traitor Slime, but it has a reason to kill and a specific target, and it kills slimes as well as ranchers.



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Slime Toy

Normally, it plays with (Source slime's favorite). However, it seems to enjoy playing with the plorts of it's crush, and it also likes to stalk it's crush.


These slimes are not a true type of slime. Yandere Slimes are a strange variant of slime that has a crush on a certain slime or sometimes the rancher, and they are a little too obsessed with them... These slimes are willing to kill anyone who they see as getting in the way of having their crush. Often, their crush is oblivious to the nature of the slime, while the Yandere Slime has a good time and is legitimately nice to them. Sometimes, however, a Yandere Slime is discovered, leaving them heartbroken.

Rancher Risks

Ranchers normally should not worry about Yandere Slimes, as they are rare. However, there are ways to identify Yandere Slimes, and ranchers should be suspicious if a slime starts stalking another. If a Yandere Slime sees that another slime is getting in the way of their crush, they will actively kill that slime when their crush is not looking. And if their crush does discover what they really are, then the Yandere Slime is likely to snap and go on a killing spree. Fortunately, there are ways to get a Yandere Slime back to normal if you take proper care of it.


(Source slime's plorts)


Yandere Slimes are their base slime, and thus, you must identify them by their behavior. However, if they are killing a slime, then they will take out a knife, and for a short time afterwards, they will be covered in the slime of the slime they just killed. Just after a kill, they will have the crazy eyes (you know, when a slime is fleeing a Tarr) but with a wide smile.


Yandere Slimes have specific targets that can be killed, here they are:.

  • Their crush's crush (Innocence below 75%)
  • Slimes that like their crush (Innocence below 75%)
  • Slimes that witness the murdering (Innocence below 25%)
  • Ranchers that try to seperate the slime from their crush more than once (not counting the slime sea)

When a Yandere Slime wants to kill someone, then they will find a time when their crush is asleep, even if this means overriding normal sleep schedule. Then, they will take out a knife and kill them before vanishing into a slime hole.

Innocence Meter

Yandere Slimes can be turned innocent, but they can also go off the deep end. Here is a meter of which is which.

Innocence Effect
100% This is a completely innocent slime, forever.
75-99% This slime is a little off, but they don't kill anyone unless their crush rejects them personally (not a rival) or something happens to them.
50-75% The Yandere is just a normal Yandere Slime. All Yanderes start at this point. They don't stalk, nor do they attack ranchers or kill witnesses.
50-25% There is something wrong... The Yandere is more aggressive, willing to hurt ranchers. They have started stalking their crush.
25-1% The Yandere is now even more aggressive, and any attempts at being nice will make their crush suspect that something is wrong and reject. They are willing to kill witnesses to the crime.
0% The Yandere goes off the deep end and goes on random killing sprees, there is no turning back UNLESS you do one thing.

Things That Decrease Innocence

There are ways that a slime can lose innocence over time.

  • Killing someone -5%
  • Becoming hostile toward a rancher -5%
  • Getting rejected -50%, decreases by 5% per day
  • Crush dies -50%
  • Happiness less than 50% -5% per day
  • Happiness less than 25% -10% per day

Things That Increase Innocence

Fortunately are ways to make a Yandere innocent.

  • Happiness over 50% -5% per day
  • Happiness over 75% -10% per day
  • No murder -10% for every day that the slime does not kill anyone


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