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Room 1

You'll walk out of a portal into the hideout. You start in a hallway with a simple room with a pillar in the middle. A Yami Slime will be patrolling it the room around the pillar. Its easy enough to sneak past it. If it spots you, the rest will become visible and loads more Yami Slime's will appear. They can teleport much farther then normal, fire extra fast, and this is basically just about certain death.

Room 2

There's one guarding the door in the next room you need to get past. You can dash past the spot where it can see you to catch its attention, then sneak through the door.

Room 3

In Room 3, there are two Yami slimes busy watching TV's and facing the opposite direction of the path. You wanna tread very slowly though. These two dont seem as hard of hearing as the others.

Room 4

This room holds a special food called Skull Candy's. They'll come useful in...

Room 5

This features a giant arena, with a ring of bottomless pit around a Yami Slime gordo.

BOSS: Yami Gordo

To defeat it, just fire skulls as often as possible. You also have to deal with summoned Yami slimes, but you can hit them with skulls to have them go away. Hitting the gordo enough will result in it falling into the bottomless pit.


  • In the next playthrough, Yami Slime's wont wait for a blood moon to attack the rancher.
  • In places that have had a recent tarr outbreak, you can find Skull Candy's to use to make Yami Slime's go away.

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