X7APQ1TK6, AKA, Glitch Boss, is a hidden boss that you can access in the following steps:

  1. Get a Tarr
  2. Make a Glitch C. Largo with the Tarr
  3. Make it reach XK-Stability
  4. Prepare for your game to Cra- I mean Fre- I mean prepare to get an achievement.

Every Boss has a weakness. You can vac X7APQ1TK6's Spikeballs and launch them at him.


When fighting, he has skills. They are listed below.

Divide by -0

You see many Divide by Symbols and 0s. THEY ALL LAUNCH AT YOU!!!

Spikeball Rain

X7APQ1TK6 glitch up 120 Spikeballs. THEY ALL RAIN DOWN ON YOU!!!

Lucky Sevens

77 7s launch at 7 shaped targets. The 77 7s launch at the 7s 7 times so they can make the number... 8... What? Did you expect 7 or something?

The other majority of his attacks are just Glitched Versions of other bosses' attacks.


X7APQ1TK6 says the following; "No! NO! This can't be happening!" And then he explodes. And the game crashes. You come back to the Ranch, luckily, leaving no tarrs in any corrals, which is usually caused by XK-Stability from earlier.


  • If you die in battle, the game crashes
  • Every button is blocked out. All but one; Save and Quit
    • Quitting and Rejoining results in the text "LoL cAn'T bElIeVe YoU tRiEd To RuN aWaY"
  • Beating him results in the achievement "Forget it I'll call him X"
  • Obviously, it's based on Omega Flowey

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