"These guys don't seem to like visitors, or anyone else that isn't them." -Slimepedia

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Slimology / Rancher Risks

These slimes are as big as a largo, and are extremely hostile. Capable of flying and shooting small fire balls at Ranchers, they also seem to be aggressive towards all other slimes. Not only that, but they don't even make plorts and cannot be put in a corral. We're not even sure if they ARE slimes! However, there only appears to be about 4 or 5 of these guys in the entirety of The Wire Den. One of the biggest dangers these guys pose, is that every once in a while, they come to the surface, and attack slimes, eat meat, burn crops in the area, they even kidnap slimes! They're worse than the Tarr!

The Wyvern Slimes do not live above ground; they live underground in a sub area of The Wire Den, though it is not known how they get to above ground yet.


As of now, it has been confirmed that Wyvern Slimes don't make plorts whatsoever, slime scientists aren't even sure if these creatures are slimes in the first place.


Big as a largo, with red, angry eyes, giant sharp teeth, and wings! their scaly looking, beige skin protects them from harm, and their spiny tail lets them wack other slimes around, they also have tiny little dragon feet on them! Slime Scientists have a theory these guys might be a cousin to the Dragon Slime, due to similar traits in appearance, however, these slimes seem to have adapted to a much more aggressive lifestyle.


A loud roaring noise can be heard throughout the range when a Wyvern slime or two is about to emerge and attack, which can allow you to locate them before they can do any harm if your a good listener!


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