"Homemade goods from the range, quality is irrelevant, it's the homemade part that really sells."

The workshop is a building that can be built on a plot. It is a unique building as it allows for the creation of workstation on it. It is a Whole New Ranch DLC building.

Slimepedia Entry

The workshop is a rancher's dream come true. With 25 square units of space you can build all the workstations you want to create unique goods.


Honey Smelter

Tired of the same old honey plorts, the honey smelter allows for you to melt these down into delicious honey.


Recharge your lamp by converting phosphor plorts to fuel for it.


Put in quantum plorts and out comes exotic matter from another dimension!

Snowball Machine

Turn your frosty plorts into snowballs.

Pine Garden

Plant pine plorts and out comes all kinds of cool wood.


The workshop cost 750 newbucks to build. Once built it will initially have nothing on it. So, you have to buy upgrades. Every time you buy an upgrade a 5x5 grid will appear on your screen you can more the upgrade around until you decide where you want to put it. Then you left click which will place the upgrade and the grid will disappear. Upgrades are the same as workstations and unlike other buildings can be bought more than once. You can buy as many upgrades as you have space for on the grid and different upgrades are different sizes. Unlike with normal upgrades workstations must be bought with materials like gadgets.


All workstations that produce an item can then have their goods sold. These goods can be sold at the Warp Packager after being bundled in boxes.


  • Workshops should be saved until late game until being built.
  • Use space efficiently to have the maximum number of workstations per workshop.
  • Since only so many goods can be packaged a day wait until you can make a full bundle to package them.
  • Workshops goods don't have to be sold they have practical purposes too.
  • Not all workstations are needed you should choose a few and focus on those.


  • Workstations were originally going to be gadgets.

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