'It's unwise to wander during the nights when they howl to the moon.'

Wolfe's nature is not to be played with. Few unwise Ranchers have already paid for their ignorance.

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Meat, Ranchers, Tarr

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Wolfe Slimes are what Ranchers scare their children and newcomers with. This is a formidable creature that casually feeds on the Tarr; and Ranchers, if they're near. It is, however, possible to tame a Wolfe. But only with a Doge and inventory full of chickens; by keeping a wise distance and letting one's pooch do the job of befriending. Doge has nothing to fear from the Wolfe, after all - very much unlike the Rancher. Once finally tamed, though, Wolfe might prove to be one of Rancher's greatest assets, with its natural appetite for Tarr. All it takes is to bring the Wolfe along on an adventure, and watch the ball of black rainbow to hover in fear.

Rancher Risks

Even if they are Canine Slimes, Wolfe Slimes can prove to be as hazardous as the Tarr itself, since this is what they feed on. Formidable ball of angry goo ready to bite Rancher really bad is not to be toyed with, as this natural enemy to Tarr is immune to water. The only way to approach a Wolfe is by having a Doge slime with you, so never forget about your best friend.


They neither produce any plorts, nor do they eat them.


Wolfes tend to appear quite Tarr-like, and some say it's due to their diet. They're as big as the Tarr, as angry as the Tarr and as scary as the Tarr. They have big, glowing eyes and jagged, forever-open mouths, giving them truly nightmarish appaerance.


  • Canine Slimes appear to be the smartest out of whole Slime family, able to attach themselves to rancher like dogs on Earth do, understand simple commands and even recognize words.
  • When not feed for three days or more, Wolfe Slimes will become hostile again. Ouch.
  • Wolfe Slimes are the strongest of all Canine Slimes.
  • Obtaining a Wolfe can be very tricky - even after thirty chicks they might still decide that Rancher looks good for a dessert. It takes a lot of bravery and luck to tame one.
  • They live in a DogeHouse that can be builded as an extension of Rancher's house. Up to five Canine Slimes can live in one DogeHouse.