"Howls it going?"​

Slimepedia Entry


The Wolf Slime prowls at night, its silver fangs glimmer in the moonlight as it hunts with its pack, its colors blend in with the shadows, making it almost impossible to see, if one were to look closely, they might see its deep red eyes through the darkness.

​Rancher Risks

The Wolf slime poses no threat to a rancher, however, it does attack Deer Slimes. As a meat eating slime, Wolf Slimes are very intellegent, they could find an escape quite easily, so you must keep your Wolf Slime pen highly secure and as far away from Deer Slimes and coops as possible!


Wolf plorts are commonly used to temporarily change pepoles eye colors to dark red and yellow, pepole who work in haunted houses are gonna get a good laugh out of pepole who get scared out of their mind when they see the workers eyes.


  • Baby Wolf Slimes can be found in Wolf Slime caves