"It'll last 'till summer."

The Winter Slime is a slime who always spawns on winter. You could tell by their name.


Diet: Fruit

Favorite: Fruit Popsicle


Winter Slimes, as their names say, are slimes which can survive frost diseases, Autumn, and Spring. However, if you manage to mix it with a Fire Plort, it will, however, only survive Summer.

Rancher Risks

Winter Slimes break when they fall from high heights, so they wouldn't jump. Another Rancher Risk is that they can spin in a circular way, damaging anything near it. So stay away when you see it form itself into a Frosty Diamond. Luckily, if you use a pulse wave while they are charging up their spin, you can stop their spin.


Winter Plorts are said to be a good way to make a freezer colder. Unfortunaly, Winter Plorts are so cold you'll need gloves to hold it. When a Winter Plort melts, it can remove any dirt stains from shirts, pants, etc.. A Winter Plort tastes like Gingerbread Cookies, too!


An ice cube.


  • This slime will defiantly not be added to Snowlands


Glacier Slime

Original design of Winter Slime.