Just like Earth, the far far range also has weather! Levels and RNG will indicate what weather it is and it willl be remotely similar to the last weather, the levels below update every 3 ingame hours. Weather is effected by the Seasons. But differences are mostly more rain in spring, less clouds in summer, Rain and Wind in autumn and it will usually be snowing in winter.


A Level 3 Sky, theres a few clouds dotted around but its mostly a bright sky

Cloud Level

The Cloud level can be from 0-8, depending on where it is depends on how cloudy it is, 0 being no clouds and 8 being a cloud filled sky. The effect of this is only visual unless it effects one of the below.


A Level 8 Cloudy Sky. Completely Overcast, The ground has darkened

Rain Level

The rain level can be from 0-6 if the Cloud level is 4-8. 0 being no rain and 6 being heavy rain. Rain will let puddle slimes survive on land for longer, it will also make crops grow a bit faster. If it is winter rain will be replaced with snow and have an anti-grow effect on crops that aren't shielded.


Storms can occur if the rain level is between 4 and 6. Lightning can strike rad slimes causing 50 damage to anything in the radiation bubble.

If lightning strikes an electro slime It will burst into 5 electro slimes. This makes them hard to control in rainy weather.

Add any effects lightning might have to your slimes here.

Fog Scale

Fog can occur if the cloudiness level is 7 or 8. It obscures vision and can be from 1-3, In caves the fog will weaken and disappear


A Level 1 Fog, it has a large obstruction of vision.

Wind Level

Wind level can be from 0-6, if the wind level is between 4 and 6 fog cannot occur. Wind will blow characters and slimes slightly in the direction of the wind

Slime Rain

Rarely, if the rain level is between 1 and 3 or 6, and wind is between 4 and 6 Rainy Slimes may rain down from the sky. They will go away after the shower unless in a corral. Sometimes Rainy Tarrs will fall with the slimes and if the rain level is 6, there will also be lightning.

Slimes will replace the rain

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