Smells far better than regular wax.

Wax Slimes eat apiary products their favourite being Buzz Wax, they leave a polished trail wherever they go.

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Other Diet


Buzz Wax

Slime Toy

Incense Candle
Wax Slimes like the smell of incense candles.


Wax Slimes are pretty calm and easy to catch. They eat apiary products and honey Plorts and favour Buzz Wax and will produce 3 plorts when fed it. Since they can eat Honey Plorts they can't form Largos with them. Wax Slimes glow like a Phosphor Slime but far fainter.

Rancher Risks

Wax Slimes will leave a trail of wax wherever they go. This wax is slippery to anything moving over it. A splash of water will remove the wax and will also prevent the slime from making more wax for a short time.


Wax Plorts smell really good most likely due to the natural environment of Wax Slimes being in flower fields and due to this they are prized for making scented candles and are also useful in waxing various surfaces.


Dull yellowish coloured with dripping look.


  • Shooting Wax Slimes in front of you can create a trail that you can slide on potentially increasing your speed.


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