Before the war, the land was filled with Slimes. But after...wait, it still has Slimes?

The Wartorn Grasslands are full of lush green vegetation but also have large areas of desolate wasteland. There are also abandoned and collapsed watchtowers and an entire half demolished fortress where the fierce Crebosus lurks, hiding an abundance of old goods in the fortress. The broken watchtowers make the perfect playground for Tabby and Pink Slimes, while End and Gatling Slimes protect the area from hostile visitors from the shadows of collapsed barracks.



The Wartorn Grasslands have an abundance of trees and vegetation, but also show the act of war with burned down husks of plants and the remains of older extinct species. The remnants of a warbase that once stood here are filled with holes, moss, dust, and cobwebs. The largest remnant of the base is a half demolished fortress. Most off the rooms are blocked off by landslides or completely jammed doors, but the remainder is incredibly easy to navigate. There are messages on the walls written in an ancient language that remains untranslated.


It is accessed by a key gotten from a docile End Gordo in a secret area somewhere in the Overgrowth. This leads to a secret room with a tunnel. Entering it will take you underground, then underwater, then back underground and eventually back up to the surface of the Wartorn Grasslands.

Flora and Fauna

Slimes that live here include, but are not limited to:

  • Pink
  • Tabby
  • End
  • Gatling
  • Boom
  • Steam (coming soon!)

Animals that live here include:

  • Briar Chickadoos
  • Briar Hens
  • Briar Roostros
  • Maverick Geckos (coming soon!)
  • Camicara

Plants that live here include:

Other creatures that live here include:

Things to do there


There are a few quests you can go on if you wish to get all of the goods from this place:

  • Hunting down Crebosus in the fortress.
  • Finding Basilisks and collecting their scales, which give different buffs depending on their color.
  • Collecting the hidden crates throughout the catacombs below the fortress.
  • Finding the Easter egg on top of the fortress.


There are several things that can only be gotten here:

  • Maverick Geckos
  • Camicaras
  • Steam Slime
  • Basilisks

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