"Why sell just plorts when you can sell so much more?"
The Warp Packager allows for you to sell goods for newbucks. It is content added in the Whole New Ranch DLC.

Getting the Warp Packager

After building your first workshop a letter will arrive in the StarMail Timoth Browns. The exact letter is:

Dear Esteemed Fellow Rancher,

My name is Timoth Browns, a CEO of the company that runs the Far Far Range. We have recently been given some new technology that we would like you to try out. It will allow for the shipment of homemade goods to Earth. When we have time we will send some drones over to build it for you.

Best of Wishes,

Timmoth Brown

After that whenever you next leave the ranch or go to sleep the Warp Packager will be installed. You will also get a note from Timmoth Browns saying that even though you were't there the Warp Packager was still installed. When you enter or wake up and the Warp Packager is installed you will automatically do a tutorial on how one works.

How it Works

The Warp Packager is a means of selling goods. It does this by allowing you to bundle goods in boxes before warping them off and giving you newbucks at the end of each day. Every day three packages will appear on the Warp Packager. Pressing E will allow you to open the package where you can transfer goods from your inventory to the package. Each package can only contain one type of good and each type of good has a limit as to how many can be bundled in a package. At the end of each day the packages are warped off and you receive newbucks based on how close the package was to having the largest possible bundle for that type of good, how many of the good there are, and what type of good it is. You can look at a view screen above the Warp Packager to see how much each individual good is worth.

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