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War Slimes are one of the rarest slimes, since most of them sacrifice themselfs on battles. Once a Tarr appears around a War Slime, the War Slime will recruit all slimes around it to fight the Tarr. Most of the time, the army made up by the War Slime ends up defeating the Tarr. War Slimes are extremely aggressive, if you vac one and then release it, it will be angry and will start to attack you, unless it is feeded with a Briar Roostro. Before it attacks, it uses it cute voice to say "enguarde!" which sounds like a baby squirrel wanting to fight.

Rancher Risks

War Slimes are the most dangerous slimes, excluding Tarrs, since just being around one may cause it to attack you. Unless a rancher feeds a War Slime with a Briar Roostro, the War Slime will forever be angry at the rancher. If a War Slime is putted on a cabin with other War Slimes and one gets angry, all of them will get angry at the rancher, which results to trouble.


The plorts released by War Slimes are made out of hard materials, blood, and pain of the fallen enemies. People on Earth who look foward to learn more self-protection wear necklaces made out of these plorts. Since they all think that plorts are some kind of jewels, none think that its weird.


War Slime has a dark orange appearence, and wears a yellow war helmet with those red fluffy thingies. He also has a spear.


  • Although their plorts cost a lot, it isnt recommended to have too much of them, since they all can turn into a angry swarm.
  • Largos with War Slimes are calmer, however they are still aggressive occasionally.


  • A War Honey Largo has a hive wand instead of a sword. Plus, the damage taken from it is weaker, and HP will be healed a bit.