aka Yochu

  • I live in In a building on a street in a city.
  • My occupation is Playing video games, eating, playing video games and eating at the same time.
  • I am A yoshi-pikachu-falco-king dedede hybrid. Hence the name.
  • Yochufaldedede

    Here are some facts about the original game (like, before it was officially released original) that you may or may not know! I scraped up as many as I could, so please enjoy!

    • The Puddle Slime's Slimepedia image was originally just a blue version of the Pink Slime's.
    • The Carrots and heart beets used to be the only vegetables, and the Pogo fruit and Cuberry were the only fruits. After that came the Mint Mango and some others.
    • Originally, the farms had no timers.
    • The Dry Reef and Overgrowth used to be the only two areas, including the other small areas that could be accessed for a price.

    Keep in mind that some of these facts may be untrue, but I gurantee that most of them are!

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