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These are not actually slimes, but instead volatile largos that did not grow correctly.

Unstable slimes always revert back to their original 2 part forms if suddenly shocked.

Unstable slimes can be formed from tarr eating plorts, slimes eating slimes, golden slimes eating plorts, slimes eating golden plorts, a slime eating its own plort, or simply a genetic mutation in largo development.

These slimes are very unstable. If fed, typically instead of producing plorts, they produce even more unstable slimes. Unstable plorts when fed to other slimes creates strange, half tarr, half slime creatures. Unstable plorts can be fed to tarr in a pinch to destabilize them. Do NOT under any circumstances feed an unstable plort to a largo under penalty of execution.

Rancher Risks

Unstable slimes can get out of hand very fast. But otherwise they are fairly harmless


Due to unstable slimes not being actual slimes, unstable plorts are cube shaped. Their purple glow has attracted the attention of several religious groups, as well as interstellar jewelers, home decorators, and anyone who has a use for a glowing purple cube


They have not ever been viewed at full resolution. All that is known about their appearance is that they are purple


  • Make sure to vac up all food in areas unstable slimes happen to be in
  • Do not feed unstable plorts to largos under any circumstances
  • Keep a few unstable plorts on hand just in case one comes across a tarr infestation


  • Ever since the first incident involving unstable plorts, all planets where slimes are hosted must be in a star system which has a planet composed of at least 95% water.