"But the slime came back, the very next day..."

The Unlucky slime is a yellow, Tabby-like slime that has a 1% chance to appear when you feed a lucky slime. It is well known for always being on the ranch no matter what you do.







This golden, cat-like slime is not well known, it appears to be related to the Gold Slime of all things, but instead of evading ranchers, it is impossible to leave alone! Unfortunately, every single rancher that has one insists it's 'cursed' and tries to get rid of it by any means necessary. It is thought this is from the slime absorbing the luck around it, making itself the luckiest slime ever but everyone else not-so-lucky...

Rancher Risks

Being a rare slime, ranchers tend to panic when they see it. Unlike other rare slimes, however, it stays near the first rancher it sees, which results in worse and worse luck. It's said that trying to get rid of it might even be what causes the bad luck.


Due to the large amounts of luck the slime absorbs, the plorts can be refined into good luck charms! Unprocessed, however, they are just as bad to have as the whole slime, and entire deliveries have been lost to malfunctions, crashes, storms, explosions, and even a black hole once.


The Unlucky Slime is a golden slime with cat ears, a tail, and a darker curve on its head resembling an upside down horse shoe. The plort looks like a gold plort except for a single, dark curved line. The only slime that will Largo with its plorts are Hunter Slimes, but the Hunter Slime will become a Tabby Largo instead, as such this slime has no Largos.

Bad Luck Events (feel free to add)

Note, the number of Unlucky plorts the player is holding will be referred to as 'P'

  • The slime will be back by dawn if the player does any of the following: Throws the slime into the slime sea, trades the slime away, incinerates the slime, feeds the slime to anything, throws the slime out of the ranch, gets knocked out with the slime in the inventory, or otherwise loses the slime.
  • Gold slimes and Lucky slimes are now rarer.
  • This slime, despite not having favorites, will always eat Roostros if it sees one nearby.
  • This slime will 'teleport' out of corrals if placed in one.
  • Gardens may produce less food, and food may randomly rot.
  • Diseases become more common.
  • Bosses get a 10% power boost.
  • Tarr last longer, and more dangerous breeds of Tarr become more common.
  • Largos may randomly become Feral.
  • A food item fed to a Gordo has a chance to not count for filling it.
  • The ranch may randomly get hit by a storm which scatters the items and slimes on the ranch.
  • Sleeping has a small chance to spawn a Tarr.
  • Lucky Slimes may 'conveniently' disappear instead of giving coins when fed.
  • Slimes that are randomized always have one bad trait (Hostile, damaging, etc)
  • Every Unlucky Plort in the inventory increases slime aggression (1 plort might have a rock slime roll near you more times than usual, 10 might make slimes act like you're a threat, 20 makes them act hostile, etc.) This does not affect Unlucky Slimes.
  • If a Honey Slime is in a corral, it may be more likely to escape and get into a garden near a corral.
  • If a Strawberry slime is fed near by and you have an empty inventory slot, you may 'accidentally pick up' the plort.
  • Mock Slimes may actually damage you with their nips.
  • Fae hens may appear out of nowhere on the ranch and beeline for the nearest corral of slimes.
  • Traitor slimes can spawn natually instead of being formed.
  • The Sheeba and leena sisters boss may spawn at a 1% chance every 3 days.
  • When in the Blazing Mountain, it may randomly erupt against the "Schedule".
  • Ghost Slimes have a much higher chance of escaping their corral.
  • Sometimes the Rocket Elevator won't work.
  • Nimbus slimes will appear as Cirrus slimes in the wild.
  • Happiness in slimes will drop.
  • [P]% chance for a feral slime to appear on the ranch.
  • Puddle Slimes will get more and more antisocial, producing fewer plorts.
  • hen hens,fruits and vegetables will randomly dissapear
  • Anonymous slimes will come and rob you and hurt or kill slimes

Tips and Good Luck Events

  • If you do not want to deal with bad luck events, remember that they don't happen if the slime is 'away' and you sell all plorts.
  • You might want to stick with safer slimes when you have one, you're just asking for chaos if you ranch an Unlucky Slime near something like a corral of Boom Slimes.
  • If you want to avoid this slime entirely, don't feed Lucky Slimes.
  • Sending one on a trade with bOB will net you a lot of Unlucky Plorts, in story this implies the slime ate all the Hen Hens you sent to bOB, as the slime comes back with the plorts and bOB will send you a letter saying not to do that again. Doing this is the fastest way to get large amounts of Unlucky Plorts.
  • If you hack in more than one, the effects do not stack. The Plort Effects, however, do so sell the plorts as fast as possible.
  • A bewitched Unlucky Slime will come back not bewitched thanks to a glitch with how coming back is handled.
  • If you treat an Unlucky Slime well, the bad luck events will dwindle in frequency.