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"Invasors on the alien planet!"

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UFO Slimes are rare slimes, who will appear during the nighttime. UFO Slimes appear near places with food, so if you want one, just hide behind a rock on a place like The Moss Blanket during night and you will see one. UFO Slimes hover over to food bushes and to chickens, and releases a yellow, glowly tractor beam that levitates up all the food to the slime itself, who will proudly eat it while protected by a glass helmet. If you throw anything at them while they are eating, their helmets will open, and they will begin to attack you by pushing you. If you feed them with a Mint Mango after they are angry, then they will become happy, and vac-able. Since UFO Slimes levitate above the ground, and they drop the plorts when they release them, its pretty easy to vac just the plorts instead of the slimes themselfs, unlike other slimes.

Rancher Risks

There is nothing much to worry about UFO Slime. Although he has a alien appearence, technically all the cute Pink Slimes that you got used to also are aliens. If they had the chance, angered UFO Slimes would want to open your body in half, but since they are small, not even your head fits through their UFOs. The only thing to worry about is Tarrs and dumping them. Throwing them on The Slime Ocean wont work, since they will levitate and resists, and then will begin to attack you. And of course, Tarrs can swallow them whole, and even if they flee flying away from Tarrs, they may never come back.


UFO Slime's plorts seem to be made out of a alien-like material. UFO Plorts were shown to ignore gravity sometimes, and rockets fully powered by UFO Plorts are being made.


Imagine a small UFO. Now imagine a mint green slime fitting through that glass on the top. Tada.


  • UFO Slimes can rarely appear around food bushes and chickens, so its better if you stay on The Moss Blanket at night around bushes, waiting for it to spawn.
  • Its even good-er staying on The Moss Blanket, since you may also find Hunter Slime.
  • A big flash of light appears around UFO Slime when he is flying.


  • It is mostly based off the UFO power from Kirby.