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Hieroglyph Slime
'Wait, is that a tortoise or a turtle?'
The Turtle Slime is a slime that crawled within a Shell.



Dependent on Slime inside


Dependent on Slime inside


The Turtle Slime is a slime that was put inside of a Shell and got stuck inside. Some slimes change themselves or the shell, depending on what they are. It can change their appearance, abilities, and diet. It is also harder for Tarr to eat these, because the shell is taken off first, giving the slime time to run out and away.

Rancher Risks

Sometimes, there are dangerous abilities added, like the boom slime turning into a moving mine, or the rock slime having spikes all over their shells.


Turtle Slime plorts are the plorts of the original slime, but they are harder.


The Turtle Slime is a slime inside of a shell. There is a soft bottom that has a turtles underbelly look, and the front of the slime has a hole so that it can show its face and tell you how hungry it is. The shell changes to be the color of the slime, like a pink slime has a pink turtle shell, while a rock slime has blue and spikes on top.


This is where the abilities go. Shells give the slimes certain abilities and differences. This section is free edit, as long as you're adding a fanon slime that has already been developed.

Pink Slime

Pink Slimes inside a turtle shell have a favorite, Pogofruit.

Tabby Slimes

Tabby Slimes have a really hard tail they can hit things with by spinning to do 10 damage. The shell gains stripes.

Rock Slime

Rock Slimes have spikes on the top half of them that do 15 damage instead of 10. Their spinning roll attack is replaced by the Rock slime spinning and then sliding all over the place and bouncing off walls.

Honey Slime

Honey Slimes are the leaders with turtle shells on, because the shell smells like honey and attracts others to protect it.

Boom Slime

Boom Slimes have red on top with magma cracks and a red flashing button on top. They only explode when the button on top is pressed.

Hunter Slime

The shell and tail are invisible, so it looks like a regular hunter slime, until it attacks something, and then it spins around and whacks with the invisible tail.

Rad Slime

Rad Slimes leave a nuclear waste trail behind them.

Gold Slime

Gold Slimes turn feral and try to attack you if you get it in a shell. It does 100 damage with each bite, and can go half as fast as a gold Tarr. If you manage to feed it, it stays in one place, and can get eaten by Tarr.

Lucky Slime

Same as above, except it spins around to do 150 damage with it's tail.


They gain both of the abilities, but are always unhappy because they're bulging out of the shell, and have a chance to go feral.


Tarr do more damage because of how unhappy they are with being in a shell, and gain the shell abilities of the 3 slimes it was.


The Jumpscares deal more damage, and they even have a chance to bust out of corrals and jumpscare you in the night...


Google Slimes are perfectly fine with being in shells, and will waddle around as normal. However, the shell makes it a little harder for them to eat, so you get plorts less often.


They just walk around and go "Moo" a lot. In fact, the Cow Slime seems to actually prefer shell over no shell, as its more protective..


Their shell becomes very volatile and will spray flames if you touch it.


Not really much happens, the only problem is when the ghost slimes turn translucent their shells fall off, so It's hard to keep these types.


They become even more hyper, but they will spin and bounce around in their shell, dealing 20 damage.


Virtual slimes in a shell now have spinning shelled slime blocks, and it deals more damage. They also hack coralle walls less often.


Run when the turtle boom slime says hello.