I am a spoopy banana"He's not that cold, which makes him be sad."

The Top Slime is the Last, Slime that is found in the Planetary System in Space Station S. L. IME.


Diet: Veggie

Favorite: Cublueberry


Top Slimes are slimes which are always tilted, making it go Left or Right. It's ring is always spinning, trying to make him balanced.

Rancher Risks

The slime's rings are spinning, and it could damage you if you are touching it's rings. They can even splat veggies, making it sadder.


Using the Plorts for toys, the toys will ALWAYS be tilted sideways, making it annoying for humans!


A Slime with a ring on it


  • This is the Last Planetary Slime created by Mr. Yokai
  • It does not have wings

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