" They can pounce at any moment and kill you... With Love!"
The Tiger slime has a rare chance of appearing instead of a Tabby slime.
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Hieroglyph Slime

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Favourite: Stony hen


This slime is a rare mutation of the Tabby slime. This mutation happens when a tabby slime lived without a pack for a long time. Then the tabby slime becomes more happier with human appearance.

Rancher risks

It has none. Unlike it's common counterpart it loves humans. They will do anything what you command.


Their plorts are used in love potions.Eating one of the plorts will make you love anything you see.


They look like orange and black tabby slimes.


Getting a army of largo Tiger slimes is very helpful. They can take down a tarr out break in seconds.


  • Like before their plorts make you fall in love. So baking a cake with them for valentines is helpfull