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"Their lightning bolts are so tasty they give you stomache aches!" ​---Slimepedia

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Hieroglyph Slime

</center>Thunder Slimes are most common at night, so be careful wandering out in the dark!



Fruit, and their favorite food is the Coco-Core, and the Sour Apple


These yellow slimes were first found when a lightning bolt hit a tree in The Dry Reef. When fed, they produce an energy plort, which is worth 50 newbucks.

Rancher Risks

If not fed for 3 days, they will go feral and produce lightning bolts that will target the player and other slimes.


Their energy plorts look like a white plort with small, yellow, lightning bolts.


They have a pink slimes shape, but yellow with greenish-yellowish lightning bolts inside it.


  • Feed these slimes once you exit to ranch from your house on the third day, or else they will go feral on you.

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