"When air conditioning became to ancient-sounding inventors needed a new name. Thus, thermalic field generators were made."

The thermalic field generator a Whole New Ranch DLC corral upgrade that is used to adjust the climate of a corral to stop slimes from melting or solidifying.


The thermalic field generator can be bought as a corral upgrade. Once purchases it can be set to one of three settings. The setting can be changed at any time. The three settings are:

Volcanic: The corral becomes so hot that Flame Slimes can live there with out solidifying. Other slimes instantly catch on fire a disappear in a puff of smoke.

Average: A normal corral all slimes besides Frosty Slimes and Flame Slimes can live there.

Arctic: The corral becomes so cold that Frosty Slimes can live there without melting, other slimes can live here too besides the Flame Slime.

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