"The nesting ground of the Wyvern Slimes. Whatever you do, don't touch their eggs..." - A man who touched their eggs

Slimepedia Entry


The Wyvern's Nest is a sub location within The Wire Den. It can be found through a small tunnel with scorch marks around it. Inside is a small cave with five large nests, each filled with eggs. These are the eggs of the Wyvern Slime. There are usually three of these slimes flying around and patrolling their nests. Touching these eggs in any way will cause the Wyvern Slimes to become extremely aggressive, more so then usual. Their faces will turn red and angry, and they will roar loudly, breathing fire at the rancher who dares touch their eggs. The only reason to touch the eggs would be to steal them, as they have a worth of 300 newbucks. However, these eggs cant be sold at your average plort market...



  • The roaring sounds of an angered Wyvern Slime was made by using the sounds of an angered bull
  • This area is part of The Black Market DLC

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