"A quite dreamy magical land. You are very lucky if you find a portal to this on one of your trees." Template:Location Infobox

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The Wonderous Land is different from anything else you saw before in Far, Far Away. Unlike the rest of Far, Far Away, it seems like The Wonderous Land is actually some kind of pocket dimension, that can only estabilish itself on trees and seems to only be able to orbit around Far, Far Away. There is a chance that, starting at morning, a rabbit hole-like portal will appear on the "foots" of a tree on The Overgrown expansion to your Ranch. Hopping on the hole will make a rancher end up falling on a whole new place, but saved by a bouncy, giant mushroom. Once you exit the mushroom, a gate will appear around the mushroom, and for it to open, you will need to bring the items requested on the top of the gate.

The sky on Wonderous Land is pink, the clouds are white and fluffy as marshmallows, and the ground is a light green thing, with some rivers here and there, however filled with tea and not water. Sometimes, there will be also caves shaped like castles, and humongus trees everywhere.


  • Mushroom Slime - Those are everywhere.
  • Hatter Slime - Also everywhere, however, only deeper on the Wonderous Land.
  • Card Slime - Only inside the castle-caves.


There is a Card Gordo on the top of a castle-cave. Besides dropping a bunch of Card Slimes and coins when exploded, it will drop two boxes. From one, it comes a Stony Roostro, a Briar Hen, 1-3 Gold Slimes or 1-2 of a random veggie. From other, it will come a Stony Hen, a Briar Roostro, 1-3 Lucky Slimes or 1-2 of a random fruit.



There will be pools of tea, a brown liquid everywhere on The Wonderous Land. A extra slot can be bought to carry 40 tea drops. They are their own type of food.


Funglows are red, glowly, small mushrooms thar are everywhere. They are veggies.


Cottonanas are small, pink, fluffy bananas that sometimes fall from the sky. They are fruits. When they are planted on gardens, there will be a cloud of cottonanas instead of a bush or a tree.

Card Chickens

Card Roostros, Card Hens and Card Chickadoos are card chickens. They have white fur, but those card symbols on each feather.


  • You have to be carefull when you reach the last castle-cave, because, besides the Card Gordo and a teleporter, it also has 4 feral Card Pink Largos.


  • If you still didn't noticed, it is based off Alice In Wonderland.

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