"'Not organized, but still an army.... kinda."

The Tarrmy is an event that happens when more than four Tarr are on the ranch at one time.


In the event of a Tarrmy, all Tarr will be much more aggressive with the red aura of a feral slime. Tarr will also spawn naturally with a ratio of 1 Tarr for every 10 slimes. Tarr will also be extremely attracted to the ranger and can detect them from a distance. The Ranch Exchange will constantly be buffering until the event ends.Tarr will not automatically despawn whilst the event is in progress.

Ending the Event

The Tarrmy will end after ten minutes from the time the fifth Tarr enters the ranch. After the event ends, everything will return to normal; Tarr will become normally aggressive (for Tarr) and they will despawn naturally.


  • The Tarrmy was an adopted idea.


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