Template:Infobox Area "An aglomeration of Villages, where Smarty Slimes Live"

This is the only place where Smarty Slimes live. It contains 5-20 villages.

Slimepedia Entry


It's just a few villages of Smarty Slimes. They will normally do normal stuff, but when you will come to one of their village, guardians will observe you, and when you try to do something bad, they will attack you and take you to the Tarr Hole. Oh, and there are also merchants, so this place isn't bad...


No cost.


This place is attached only to the Glass Desert.




  • Glassctus Fruits
  • Mint Mango
  • Cuberry
  • Dessert Hens
  • Roostros
  • Desert Chickadoos
  • Smarty Meal


  • If you trade with merchants, guards will trust you more.


  • After long time, you can see them developing:
    • In 120th year, they invent metallurgy and blacksmithing
    • In 200th year, they invent writing
    • In 3500th year, they invent computer
    • In 3510th year, they can space travel
    • In 3517th year, they land on first moon
    • In 3520th year, they land on second moon
    • In 3570th year, first slime land on another planet
    • In 3600th year, they build space elevator attached to giant space station
    • In XXXIX in game century, they terraformed two planets
      • These dates can be false when you interact with world