Template:Infobox Area"They say whomever goes to The Shadowlands, doesn't return"

Slimepedia Entry


The Shadowlands is a dark roofed forest with dark-green grass. The trees are roughly 3 feet from each other. The beginning of the forest is pretty lit up but it gets darker the further you go. The Rancher should bring a glowing slime, like the Phosphor Slime, to shine light.


The cost requires 1 key to get to the Moss Blanket and 1 key to open the door.

Neighbours: (Feel free to add on)

The Moss Blanket, The Woodlands

Inhabitants: (Feel free to add on)

Sub Locations: 

"That lit up place"

The Darker Parts

The Edge (Shadowlands Boss fight is here)


  • Any slime that creates light can be used here so the Rancher can see

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