"Wait, shouldn't it be "Abandoned Ruins"?"

The Ruined Abandons are a temple in the middle of an island, inhabiting Hieroglyph Slimes, Boulder Slimes, and Rad Slimes. It is also the home of a Grass Gordo.


The Ruined Abandons have flat floors. In order to enter the temple, however, you will need a slime key (of course) There are many "Shattered" pillars.


The Ruined Abandons inhabit Hieroglyph Slimes, Boulder Slimes, Hunter Slimes and Rad Slimes. It is also the home of a Grass Gordo. It is found in a vine covered room.


Despite the "ancient" look of the Ruined Abandons, it happens to be a great place for growing crops with any chisel dust aside. Any food can be found here; however, Oca Oca and Pogofruit seem to be rare.


  • Swap the Abandon in Abandons and the Ruin in Ruined around. Then you'll see why it's called "Ruined Abandons"

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