The Omazing Oddventures of Ogden Ortiz is a movie starring Ogden Ortiz, which can be viewed from a starmail link. It was written entirely by Ogden.


Act I:

Ogden Ortiz decides to change his name to Bill, just like he always wanted to. But then Ogden Ortiz from the future warns the original Ogden Ortiz that doing so will trigger a series of events that will lead to the end of the world.

Ogden does not listen, and changes his name anyways.

Act II:

The pen used to fill out the proper paperwork runs out of ink. This is also, unfortunately, the last of the pens in the entire building. So they order more pens.

The box of pens explodes in the trunk of a space truck, and the driver of that space truck is horribly injured. He crashes into a button reading "DO NOT PRESS". There is an explosion. The apocalypse began. Unstable plorts are given to largos around the world. As a result, time dies and meaning loses meaning.

Act III:

Bill goes back in time to tell ogden to not change his name, since the world would end. This time, however, bill also told Ogden he was told by an Ogden not to change his name, and he didnt listen. This caused ogden to instead change his name to Stan. Unfortunately, just like in Bill's timeline, The pen ran out of ink, leading to the series of events causing the end of the world again.

Act IV:

Just when Stan tried to go back in time, a mysterious man comes out of nowhere to go through the time portal and instead of warning Ogden, punch him in the nose. This man turned out to be awesome. And awesome had a message for the audience

Act V:

Remember, kids, sometimes you have to punch a potato in the face. And sometimes you have to use the hat device thing! It takes your hat off so you don't have to! Buy the hat thing today! Its nice! It can do your laundry! Assuming laundry doing is -

The movie is cut off by a large explosion


  • Ogden is not a very good movie writer
  • This was based off of a tweet from one of the developers

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