"Mysterious and makes you delirious"

The Mystery Mountain is a cold mountainous region that requires climbing or flight to get to.

Slimepedia Entry


Mystery Mountain is the single highest point in the Far faraway range, mostly uncontrolled and isolated by Ranchers. Much of the land is bare with only pockets of scattered vegetation dotting the mountain. There seems to be odd rock formations and Holes in this mountain, creating updrafts of near-freezing air, not for your average rancher.

On the Ground, lives the Towering Thunder Slime, one of the only Ground borne Slimes in this area, feasts on fruit, Hunter Slimes claim the Prime hunting grounds, using the trees and rocks as ambush points on unsuspecting prey. Rock and Crystal Slimes roll up and down the mountains, feasting on vegetables As an old fave throughout the wiki, the Red Velvet Slime eats Minerals and Odd Onions throughout the mountains and caves of the area.

The Air However is Cold and rich in oxygen, and filled with activity, with Dervish, Bird and Feather Slimes riding the wind and powering through air currents, Snake Slimes leaping from Cliffs to catch the updrafts of wind to glide. Trickster Slimes scale the cliffs and fly around, looking for food, While Blizzard and Phosphor Slimes are thrown around by the wind.

As a warning, due to it's Cold Climate, Mystery Mountain is prone to Blizzards and highly destructive thunderstorms. During a Blizzard, powerful freezing air blows in, forcing most airborne slimes to land and seek refuge in the caves, however, coincidentally, the Blizzard Slime commonly ventures out of hiding during this period to feast on the abundant snow and Arctic Apples. During a Thunderstorm, random jolts of lightning strike the ground often, causing most Slimes to flee in panic, however, some slimes, such as the Trickster, Crystal and Thunder, brave the Thunderstorm to find food among the Cliffs.


you must be able to fly up to it or scale mountains, I would recommend flying or scaling the mountain with a Companion Slime.


Indigo Quarry and Slime Sea



Slime Names Diet Goes out during blizzards Goes out during storms Location (here)
Pink Slime Omnivore No No everywhere
Rock Slime veggies No Yes The Mountain, caves
Crystal Slimes veggies No Yes Caves
Thunder Slimes Fruit No Yes The mountain
Dervish Slimes Fruit Yes Yes Windy areas
Phosphor Slimes Fruit No No Everywhere (night)
Snake Slimes Meat No No Everywhere
Feather Slimes Fruit No No The mountain
Trickster Slimes Fruit, valuables No yes Everywhere
Bird Slimes Check that page No No Everywhere
Blizzard Slimes Snow, Fruit Yes No The mountain
Red Velvet Slimes Odd Onions, Slime Science Resources No Yes The Mountain
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