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This land is available in PAS's Free Edit DLC:The Other Side DLC

An eerie abandoned lab accessed by teleporter

This land is some kind of abandoned genetics lab, it holds secrets about the mysterious Genetic Slimes.

Slimepedia Entry


The area is overrun by Phosphor and Genetic Slimes, there are some pink slimes however. The slimes in this area don't eat plorts inside of the lab area, but the Genetic slimes will eat plorts outside of the lab. there's a pond outside of the lab with puddle slimes and a few plots lie around outside as well. the lab area consists of 15 floors descending underground, and the lowest floor has a special variant of a Tarr, which serves as a boss. Logs are scattered across each floor describing events during the creation of the first Genetic Slimes, which are marked with a "Plus" hologram.


to reach the lost lair, you have to create a teleporter in the lab which costs 5000 newbucks to buy as blueprints, this teleporter is actually free to make, but it links up to The Lost Lair from there.


The Lost Lair is on an island far from the ranch,


  • Cuberries
  • Genetic Slime
  • Phosphor Slime
  • Pink Slimes
  • Puddle slimes (x4)

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