"the bone-zone where ancient relics of an old world dwell"

The Fossil Fields is a unique area where slimes, ancient and average roam around, hopping on the sunbaked cliffs or taking a swim in sparse watering holes

Slimepedia Entry


This area behaves as if it was 20 milllion years ago,the environment looks similar, and as well as the slimes that exist here are very successful at surviving so they look and act almost identically to their forms 20 million years ago, without factoring in ranchers, of course.


No fancy items are needed, just a short walk through the caves of the ruins is required to get here.


North - Glass Desert

West - Ruins

South - Slime Sea

East - Slime Sea




  • Fossilized Fennel
  • Heart Beet
  • Carrot (in Odd Onion patches)
  • Odd Onions
  • Pogofruit
  • Cuberry
  • Hen Hen
  • Stony Hen
  • Roostro

Sub Location

Entrance Plateau

  • The first area encountered, is home to PInk Slimes and Rock Slimes, looks a lot like the Dry Reef

Boneclad Cliffs

  • A passageway down to the rest of the area filled with skeletons of dead Roostros and Hen Hens, home to the area's only fruit trees and Puddle Slimes

Imprint Field

  • A low area slightly above Slime Sea level, filled with imprints of plants, slimes and animals, as well as fossilized slimes, contains plenty of vegetables in open grasslands and watering holes with scattered rocks and shrubs, Anky, Tabby and Newt Slimes are more common here, home to the Anky Gordo, who is drifting peacefully in the water (a pool of water), eats 75 veggies then drops 3 armored slimes, a crate, and 5 Slime Fossils upon popping

Gold Grotto

  • A secluded area filled with crystals, Shell fossils, and metal formations, the only area to have crystal and Gold Slimes spawn in it, home to the Rock Gordo, eats 50 veggies then drops 5 Rock Slimes, a crate, and a Strange Diamond upon popping

Guard's Gate

  • An area filled with Feral Armored-Rock Largoes, leads to the Glass Desert

Hobson Twillger's notes

Entrance Plateau

  • Well, Beatrix, you made it to the Place of Legends, the Fossil Fields, I used to dream to go back in time, when I was a young Lad, I dreamt of going to a time before man, this place seems promising, Now I will go, and accomplish my dream, like how you should accomplish yours.

Gold Grotto

  • Beatrix, when I arrived at this Grotto I was astounded of seeing a Gold Slime spawn before my very eyes, it was like that wonder when you had accomplished something you wanted to do, that completionism drove me here to the Slime Archaeologist's dream.

Passage to Guards Gate

  • Beatrix, I have a tip for you, when you are faced with danger, try to run first, then fight as your last resort, when I came here, I nearly got sent back to the house, hmm... I'll call this area Guard's Gate due to the abundance of feral Largo Slimes here.


Blueprints for gadgets in this area

Cool Crystal

A crystal that is to cool to even be in a pool (it will freeze)

Green pod, Gold Grotto

Rippling Reeds

Reeds so shaky that they almost distort time

Green pod, under Anky Gordo

Tar Tarr

Hmm... A Tar Spring that looks like a Tarr, weird

Green Pod, on Entrance plateau

Fossil Reviver

Search it up

Guard's Gate, in a corner


  • This area is often in a state of fair weather, only reaching a cooler, mild winter state about once every 30 Slime Rancher days for 30 Slime Rancher days
  • The shrubs and rock formations are slime holes, allowing Slimes to hide from danger and you (sometimes) there are even very visible openings from the side of cliffs and in the Ground where predator slimes hide in wait for prey, travel through the area and sleep.

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