The DJ slime is boss who comes after you have killed 100 slimes. It has 40 health.


The ground shakes and suddenly a slime on a DJ table with a shield around it! The slime is not showing it's face. Then music starts to play and it shows it's face and shows that it is a light blue slime with headphones and shades on. Then the battle starts.


Turn up the heat!

The slime turns the music loud and summons Feral incineration slimes! Feed or dodge them for a little time until the attack ends.

Rock hard beats!

The slime summons bolder and Rock slimes that are feral. Feed or dodge them also. After this how ever, they drop 2 of each of their plorts. These deal 10 damage all together to the boss.

Fire of anger!

The slime loses his cool! He summons Phoenix slimes and every 10 seconds sends beats that stun you for 10 seconds. After surviving that the slimes drop 4 plorts which do 10 damage to him!

Chill out!

The DJ summons feral frost slimes which in 20 seconds turn into frostbites. If you feed the frost slimes they turn into frostbites.

Slime party!

He sends out beat so cool it attracts mad slimes from all around. Feed them or dodge until they go away and leave 4 plorts of random slimes and do 10 damage.

Final beats

He summons ten boom slimes which explode faster! Survive or feed them and then get 4 plorts. His shield breaks and the battle ends!


the DJ table explodes and he is dazed! He gets back to normal and then sticks around you. He seems tame.


The slime will never despawn or leave the ranch and will act like a music box to all slimes keeping them really happy! He can be killed if you don't like him though. Just put him in an incinerator. Don't see why you'd do that though.


  • Each wave lasts 50 seconds but you can end them faster if you feed The slimes.


  • You can't tame the Phoenix slimes, you just have to survive them.