'A very sticky situation...'
A waxy yellow cave under Moss Blanket, home to lots of Buzz Slimes!

Slimepedia Entry


A cave dug out over years of work by Buzz slimes, the walls, that are now long smoothed over with now-hardened slimy wax, contain a honey that is many times sweeter than earth honey, the source now discovered to be the plorts it's made from. Unfortunately, the Buzz Slimes that lived here still do, and they dislike visitors, attempting to seal their now self sufficient tunnels from the surface, but despite the efforts, the hive tends to be reopened often: you just found it's grand reopening...


The wall blocking the cave must be broken open by an explosion. Oh gee, where are we gonna get something that blows up in the Moss Blanket?

To actually access the area, however, the player must have defeated the Grass Boss and must defeat Queen Buzzy to get to the rest of the cave.


The Buzzhive connects to the Moss Blanket exclusively.



Entry room

A large room that is used as an arena for the Queen Buzzy fight. If Queen Buzzy is unfightable (Grass Boss not defeated), there are a very large amount of feral Honey-Buzz slimes in here instead.

After Queen Buzzy is fought, this room contains Buzz Slimes that will 'watch' the player.


Maze-Like connections between rooms that contain lots of honey.


A medium-sized room with a large Mint Mango tree in it. Lots of Honey Slimes spawn here.

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