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'An abandoned lab for those courageous enough to explore it.'
Blue Star Labs is an area that seems to be (and is) an abandoned lab. Strange abandoned experiments lay inside.

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Blue Star Labs is an abandoned and destroyed laboratory. It's mostly underground and the inside is overgrown with vines and weeds. You must have uncovered it from the sand it was buried in. Even after you uncovered it, the rest of the laboratory is deeper underground. It seems to have various rooms for different experiments. Most of them are powered down, but luckily the miniature nuclear power plant inside the lab is still in operational condition. You might need to power it using some rad slimes. Not much else is known about the experiments in this place though.


You first have to have beaten every boss in the game (except for the apocalypse slime). If you come back to the glass desert, there will be a white corner sticking out of the sand. If you throw lots of wind slimes at it the sand will start to blow away. When enough sand is blown away, the lab's entrance will be excavated from the sand. You can enter from the rusted vault door (the lock has eroded away).


  • Rad slimes


The long stairs

Upon entering the laboratory you find a spiral staircase. It takes a while to climb down and leads to the main hall.

The Main Hall

The main hall is the area at the bottom of the long stairs. it is a relatively large hallway with many, many doors on the left and right. they are the rooms containing the experiments.

Experiment 001: Rad power sources

This is the first room you see, and it's located on the left side of the main hall. Once you enter, you see a large cylindrical hole in the floor in the middle of the room. If you throw 10 rad slimes in it and press a button on a nearby podium the power in the lab will turn on. Also, falling in the hole will knock you out. But don't worry, the rad slimes are okay down there.

Experiment 002: Crystalline decryption

This is the first room on the right in the main hall. It contains a podium with a plort-shaped slot in the top. If you put a crystal plort in it a laser will shoot down from the ceiling and hit the plort. After about a minute the laser and the plort disappear. Right after, you have a 60% chance to get any slime science blueprint currently available in the blueprint shop. If you put a diamond plort in instead you will get at least one blueprint and up to three blueprints. This room does nothing and does not accept plorts if you have all blueprints unlocked.

Experiment 003: Slime intelligence enhancement

This room is the second room on the left in the main hall. Inside is a strange hole in the floor with lots of cables and wires hanging above it. You must fix them with a wrench. After you fix it you can throw a slime in the hole and flip a lever on the ground nearby. If you do, several machines shaped like surgery tools come down from the ceiling and go into the hole. After an in-game day the operation is complete and the slime is shot out of the hole. After, it has the intelligence of the average human. This may seem useful but the machine breaks every time you use it and takes a long time to repair.

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