"A very, very, VERY active volcano!"
The Blazing Mountain is a volcano area that can be found next to the Glass Desert.


The Blazing Mountain requires one key to open the gate blocking the path.


A very volatile volcano. You have to watch out for lava pools and streams, as they are very damaging. There isn't much to do on the outside, but if you get to the top you can climb inside. The interior of the volcano is very dangerous, because you have to jump on pieces of rock floating in the magma. Unfortunately, the volcano erupts every three days, so you must plan your visits accordingly.

Slimepedia Entry

The Blazing Mountain is a volcano with a mix of magma and slime, as slimes can often be seen popping out of the volcano. It has recently been discovered that the lava is a lot cooler than in most other volcanoes, allowing for exploration without a special suit. You could be the first one!


  • Volcano Exterior

The exterior of the volcano has a ring of platforms leading up to the top, but if you keep going from where you can enter the volcano, you will find the Boom Gordo, which, when fed 100 meat will explode, revealing an alternate way into the volcano. once you get to the top, you will trigger a rockslide which will provide easy access up and down the volcano.

  • Main Interior

The main interior of the volcano consists of mostly ledges leading down and pieces of rock in the lava. if you go down the path revealed by feeding the Boom Gordo, you will trigger the Fire Boss. also, if you jump on a specific chunk of rock enough times, it will break off and sink into the lava, then shortly after it will fly out on a lava geyser with the Fire Gordo on top.

  • Lava Chambers

There is a path leading from the Main Interior into a group of 7 chambers. One of the chambers contains the Boom Boss.

Natural Resources

Fire Slime

Flame Pepper

Boom Slime

Scorched Hen

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