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The Black Market DLC is a story driven adventure following the mysteries of the lost expedition, who came to the ranch many, many years ago in search of riches, the DLC adds new slimes, new game mechanics, and an entirely new strange and terrifying world beneath the ground to explore. Plus, it adds a couple new characters, and new ways to make money.


The story behind the DLC, is that not long after you start your ranch, a distress signal begins broadcasting somewhere in The Far Far Range. Once you manage to find this broadcast, you find that the distress signal was coming from an excavation camp, and that the signal is years old. The camp is abandoned and destroyed...but how? What could've caused this, or rather...Who?..... After finding this, you are contacted by a mysterious figure, who hides their identity by altering their voice and hiding their face. They tell you that they will pay you all the Newbucks you could ever need... if you do what they ask. How can you resist such an offer? After all, it would be nice to have something interesting to do on the ranch after doing the same thing for days on end...

Turns out, this mysterious caller wants you to go down underground, where the excavation team went missing. The Wire Den is what they call it, due to the wires and destroyed excavation equipment hanging from the ceiling. It is a massive cave underneath the range, with many smaller caves connected to it. Your job is to go to these caves and explore, discover new slimes, find new treasures to sell to this mysterious caller, and find out what became of the excavation team who unearthed these caves long ago.

New Locations

Sub Locations:

New Slimes:

If you would like to help me out with making this little project (Slime Ideas, Locations, characters, artwork, anything really) let me know! anyone can contribute! - MemeMeister

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