This Location is apart of The Black Market DLC

"Looking to make a quick buck?"


The Black Market is a unique location within The Black Market DLC. It is in the Moss Blanket as a broken down looking machine. the machine is covered in moss and vines, and looks similar to the Plort Market. However the Black Market has a more grey metallic look to it. Once the Black Market is found, it can be reactivated simply by pressing the E key near it. Once active, ranchers are now able to sell new items, and meet new characters.

List of sellable items and their prices

So far, the items able to be sold at the Black Market, and their prices are:

  • Wyvern Egg: 200 - 300 Newbucks
  • Speedster's rocket pack: 100 Newbucks
  • Umbra Gel : 1000 Newbucks
  • Hacker Plort 185 Newbucks

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