Tempo is a game mechanic denoting an even pace at which events may happen.

The specific rhythm is chosen every time you sleep



12 beats paced 0.5 seconds apart, then 1 second of nothing, then 4 beats paced 0.25 seconds apart, then a 0.25 second intermission

Quarters and Thirds

4 beats paced 0.5 seconds apart, a 0.8 second intermission, three beats spaced 0.4 seconds apart, a 0.8 second intermission


2 beats paced 0.2 seconds apart, then a 1 second intermission


4 beats paced 0.5 seconds apart, then a 2 second intermission


  • Slimes pop out of the ground
  • Slimes eat something
  • A chicken may bawk
  • A Slime may hop
  • Boom slimes may go boom
  • Stars in the sky may brighten
  • Gold slimes or lucky slimes may dissapear

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