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"Don't look away."

Teleportation slimes are rare slimes found in any area. They are very unusual and can easily teleport away. TheyTemplate:Infobox Slimemust be kept in a corral with the "no despawn"'upgrade in order to keep them from teleporting away.

Slimepedia entry

Diet: veggies



These very strange slimes have an unusual ability: they can teleport. They only move by bouncing only when they are in a "no despawn" corral. Otherwise, they just sit down until you look away. Then, they wait 5 seconds and teleport to a nearby location. Sometimes they teleport behind you just to troll you.

Rancher risks

As said above, these slimes will teleport out of their corral if I doesn't have the "no despawn" upgrade. They will also teleport faster if you try to vac one, stop, and then look away. These slimes do not harm you in any physical way.


Teleportation plorts are used for teleportation devices and hyperdrive fuel.

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