Tarr corrals are corrals for tarrs. You can buy them for 1000 newbucks. Slimes can't jump over the walls without some skills, because there is already the air net upgrade once you buy the corral.


Upgrade Name Effect Cost
more space Makes the Corral 1.5X bigger. 550
Omnivoratiotron All slimes in it have a diet of everything. 1200
Nice-ification All slimes in it are non-aggressive, and if they used to eat other slimes they don't anymore. 900
0-Way Roof Stand on the roof, make it rain food! 250
Anti-Phase Walls Slimes can't phase through the walls. 600
Full Roof The airnet can't be destroyed. 1300
Upgrades Total Cost The total cost of all the upgrades together. 4800


It looks like a black, big rectangle.


  • it is the biggest thing you can buy that I know of.
  • it is the only black thing you can buy that I know of.