Tarr Times

Tarr Times is a game mechanic that takes many game mechanics and effects Tarr's.

Time of Day/Night

The Time of Day/Night has a good amount of effect

6:00-8:00 AM

From 6 AM to 8 AM, Tarr's are weaker. This is actually good and bad. Sure, you wont die in the morning, but it makes it harder to get the achievement "Not my Morning."

8:00-10:00 AM

Tarrs are slightly weaker in this time of day, but not too much. Like above, it makes it hard to get "Not my Morning."


As a rancher eases into the day, Tarr's get tougher. 10-12 is a time of regularness.

12:00-6:00 PM

Tarr's are slightly tougher during now, for 6 whole hours of your day.


Well, it actually depends on the good ol' Lunar Cycle. See below.

Lunar Cycle

The Lunar Cycle has a big night-time play on Tarr's Strength. It has already appeared on Lunar Cycle Page, but I will post it here, too.

Full Moon

Tarrs are stronger, faster, and live longer.

New Moon

Tarrs die 50% faster

Blue Moon (Full)

Tarrs have a small chance (0.01%) to become a Celestial Tarr when the largo is becoming a Tarr.

Blue Moon (Tint)

Tarrs incredibly weaker.

Blood Moon

When a tarr is created, it also creates a Killer Slime.

Harvest Moon

All Tarrs become Gold Slimes! If they do not fade away before the end of the Harvest Moon, they become Gold Tarrs.


All tarrs have a 50/50 chance to either become a Gold Slime or a powerful Tarr.


Yep, even the Season can do things.


Tarr's are somewhat weaker during the spring, for two reasons:

The player starts in the spring, and tarrs hate the "April Showers"


Chillin in the sunshine, Tarr's are regular strength but, in broad daylight (12:00 PM to 6:00 PM) They might not notice you cuz they're too busy enjoying the sun. Yep, even Tarr's want good Tan's!


Aah, the wonderful fall, where tarr's are so much stronger...oh wait, thats a bad thing.


Brr! Everyone hates the winter cold--no acception to Tarr's. They move slower but deal slightly more damage.


Well, you just ended your life.

Summoning the Post-Apocalypse makes Tarr's 10x stronger.

Your dead.


  • I couldn't be bothered to ask the people who made some things effects here, so I hope that giving them credit is enough, so...yeah, somebody's gonna tell me sad. Spent a good while on this...
  • Credit to: Derpagonair (Lunar Cycle), Slobby (Seasons), and Unze2Unze4 (Post-Apocalypse).
  • Squidy822's first game mechanic!
  • Here, has a tarr!
    Adult Tarr

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