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Tarr Gordo is a special phenomenon, when several tarrs merge. No one really knows why though.

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Literally any living thing, other for Lucky Slimes, Gordos and Gold Slimes



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Tarr gordos form when several tarrs merge together. Unlike their wilder cousins, they will not reproduce when alive, and they'll harm ranchers only when they're close enough. They'll eat everything that's alive - hens, slimes, other ranchers, etc. But getting rid of them won't help much, sadly. Those who destroyed tarr gordos and survived said that after they explode they leave more Tarr. And then more Tarr still. They also drop hens, roostros, etc., and well, slimes. Sometimes they even leave largos!

Rancher Risks

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They, like all the tarrs, do not leave plorts. Instead, they leave more tarrs and slimes. Maybe the slimes count.


To be Added.


  • Don't touch these guys at all. It's not worth it to get rid of a tarr gordo and then having to deal with regular ones.


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