Despite how vicious it is, The Tarr can be Tamed under certain circumstances.

Taming The Tarr

2 conditions have to be met in order for the tarr to be tameable: It must not have the will to fight, and it must be 1 blast of water away from evaporating.

The fighting will of The Tarr depends on the current Wiggle Factor, if it is in the boring stage, the tarr will always have a fighting spirit. During the party stage, the tarr will never have the fighting will. Otherwise, having more than 80% hp while it has less than 50% hp will stop it from attacking you, and will get rid of its will to fight.

Once it's tameable, you can put tarr in your vacpack.

Tending to The Tarr

Tarr dissipate in the sun, so a solar shield is necessary.

You can claim 2 Tarr Plorts from them if you feed yourself to them.

Tarrs otherwise only eat chickens and slimes.

Tarrs should NOT have a music box in their corral. The more unhappy they are, the less likely they are to escape.

However, this is not an excuse to not feed them, as unlike other slimes, the Tarr can starve to death.

Tarrs are to be blasted with water regularly.


Tarr plorts are actually tiny baby tarrs, which are so not aggressive they can be studied. Still, Tarr plorts are not very valuable. About as much as a tabby plort.

Tarrs can scare off other slimes, and having a corral of them gives you half off a gardens scareslime upgrade.

Tarr will keep off your ranch if they see their tarr brothers trapped in a corral.

Most importantly, however, keeping them in a corral helps improve the mood of slimes far away from them.