On your ranch, you have tame slimes. They help you with various things on the ranch.


On the second day of being on the ranch, you will receive an email from the Ranch Welfare Society. They will tell you this message:

"Welcome to the Range. We are the Ranch Welfare Society, a non-profit organization that promotes humane and responsible methods of ranching. Are you excited to start ranching? We are glad you are too. However, many ranchers fail to realize that slimes are not just get-rich-quick moneymakers -caring for a large amount of animals is a huge responsibility, and it's your job to make sure that you are treating your slimes humanely. Indeed, we've had to confiscate slimes from more ranchers than you think, and we have the job of rescuing and releasing hundreds of slimes each month. However, as more and more ranchers face natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and Tarr invasions, we realize that one rancher cannot handle these problems on their own -so we now rehome most of our rescued slimes and train them to help ranchers deal with these problems. We have many success stories from doing so -slimes can be great friends if you treat them like friends. We remind you to treat your slimes responsibly and humanely, and we hope you look forward to your time on the Range with your new friends."
When you leave the house after reading the email, you find your first slimes on your ranch -four nurse slimes, four guard slimes, and a messenger slime.

Nurse Slimes

You have nurse slimes. One pink tabby and one phosphor tabby for each area, including the quarantine. They have signature hats, and for identification, each location's hats have a different color mark:

Color Location
Red Quarantine
Orange Ranch
Yellow Lab
Green Overgrowth
Blue Docks
Purple Grotto

The Quarantine

The two slimes that live in the quarantine care for the sick slimes. They feed slimes that can't feed themselves, and they kill slimes with Tarr diseases that don't make it. They also take pills out of silos and give it to slimes.


All other nurse slimes patrol a specific area (the identifcation chart is above). Patrol slimes are happy to make sure that your slimes are not sick. If there are sick slimes that can't or won't go to the quarantine, then they take the slime there, and they escort sick puddle slimes into the transport hole. If there is a sick slime that is in a corral, they find you, and if you notice, they go back to their respective area. Even if you do not have corrals, they still alert you. That is why color identification is important -you need to see where the problem is, so that, for example, if the purple-hat slime comes, you know to go to the grotto. Patrol slimes care for parents and babies as well, and will let you know if someone had babies. They also care for injured slimes.

Arrival Meaning
The patrol is serious, and you have corrals. You have sick slimes. Examine the entire area where the sick slimes are from, and remove the sick slimes. If the sick slimes are aggressive, then let the patrols deal with it -they know what they are doing.
The patrol is serious, and you don't have corrals. There are sick slimes in the neighboring wild area that are possibly transmitting disease. Do not allow your slimes into that area until you have examined it and found that the outbreak has passed.
The patrol is serious, and you have a pregnant slime. The mate is standing next to the patrol if applicable. Your slime tried to give birth -but there was a complication that the patrol couldn't fix. Either the parent is dead, or all of the babies are dead. If there was no death, then someone is in emergency condition, but still has a chance of surviving. Just let everything unfold, there is little you can do.
The patrol is happy, and you have a pregnant slime. The mate is standing next to the patrol if applicable. Congratulations! Your slime has had babies without any serious problems! Go check on the parent and babies, and take the steps to ensure that there will be no problems.

Guard Slimes

There are four guards per area -two phosphor rocks and two pink rocks. Guard slimes have vacpacks with little hoses that they use as their main weapon, and the color of the hose gives you a clue as to where the guard lives and patrols.


Guard slimes patrol areas looking for Tarr to kill, using their hose to attack. They also warn slimes if there is approaching Tarr, so that they can hide in their slime hole. If you have corrals, then guard slimes escort escaped slimes back to the corral, unless they are sick, then they let them go or escort them to the quarantine. If a predator slime that doesn't live at the ranch gets on the ranch, then the guards use their spikes to pick a fight with the slime. If there are any injuries to other slimes, then after the attack, the guards will let you know.

The Messenger

He is a rad/tabby that sends messages to you via email if there is an event while you're away, both good and bad. It is about as readable as BOb's typing, but substantially better. He does not produce rad plorts, because he uses those to power his laptop.

He has the cute behavior of being visible in the house screen, and when you sleep, the waking sound effect now contains him making a cute noise.

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