The Tablet can be built in the Blueprint Shack using an Ancient Device, 10 hero plorts and 1 mock plort. The Tablet can be used to automatically collect plorts and give food to slimes, whether far away or close. As long as you have the "Phone Sensor" upgrade on your corral.

The Tablet can also be used to talk to other players and friend them in Online Rancher mode and multiplayer. And can also be used to donate to the Trade Machine and collect its rewards remotely.

The tablet does have battery however, when in a Slime Beacon the power will go down slower, however

Slimepedia Entry

The Wonderous tablet is an item your gonna want to have on you 24/7, with its useful abilities catering to your ranch while outside exploring. You can do almost anything with such an amazing tablet. Just make sure to charge it often! (It will charge when not being used.)


It looks like a wide and very thin "black box" with a screen on one side and a silver gold slime icon on the back.


  • It and its appearance is heavily based on the apple "Iphone"
  • It can be upgraded into the "_____"