The Tabby Tarr (Or Tabb as they call it) can only be found by exploring the outer-wall of the Indigo Quarry. When you find a hole you will go through it. The tunnel goes a pretty far way down with lighting illuminated by torches. When you reach the end the end is a circle-like area with it being 7 meters wide and 3 tall. When you get there you will see the Tabb. The Tabb is sitting on a golden throne and looks like a Gordo ready to pop but when you feed him he doesn't explode, but turns into the Tabb. They say the Tabb does this to trick other Ranchers into getting eaten. The Cutscene will look like the Tabb about to explode but turns into the Tabb. Then the camera quickly switched to the back and watching the door close. The door looks like a Slime Key door but the key hole is golden. Then the song "Guardian Of Homeland" will play (If any of you think the song doesn't fit then feel free to add a different song that I MUST approve)

While your fighting the boss, you see a Healthbar at top. The Healthbar is tarr-like purple with the words above it saying "The Tabby Tarr "Tabb" ". In the Center of the health bar shows the number 120. This means that the Tabb has 200 HP. Water does 1 damage and Plorts do 5 damage. Every 10 health you take off of the boss will make him smaller.

The area you fight him in has to water geysers on each side, the lighting is illuminated with torches, and has little dust particles everywhere.


Leech Grab: Similar to the attack Tarrs use to eat their slime victims, the Tabb will use it against you. Every bite does 50 damage. You will need to splash water onto the leeches to remove them. If you have no water the boss will bite you 3 times before letting you go. ONLY WORKS IF HEALTH IS 100 OR MORE

Tarr Spit: Will spit out a Tarr towards the rancher.

Rainbow Spit: Will spit a Tarr-like ball towards the player dealing 25 damage on hit.

Ground Stomp: Will stomp the ground and deal 10 damage to the player. The player needs to jump away from the stomp.

Aerial Attack: 90% of this happening while the Rancher is in air. The Tabb will fire a homing rainbow spit at you dealing 50 damage. If the rancher is on the ground the shot will dissapear

Tiny But Deadly: The Tabb will go invisible for 3 seconds while walking towards you. The attack ends when the Tabb goes visible. ONLY WORKS IF HEALTH IS UNDER 100

Feral Tabby Slime: The Tabb spits out a feral pink tabby. The tabby will go away with 5 splashes of water

Which One?: The Tabb summons 4 other fake Tabbs. Each fake one has 1 HP. If the Rancher kills 2 of the fakes the fake Tabbs will dissapear and dealing 50 damage to the Player

Boop: The Tabb will attempt to Boop you.

Passive Attacks:

Touch: If the Tabb touches you you'll be dealt 25 damage a second.

Follow: The Tabb will follow you.


(The Tabb dies at 1 HP, not 0 HP) The Tabb would have been so small that a Tarr jumps out of the tabby slime and dissapears. The Tabb will turn into a regular tabby slime but always has a cute cat face and never gets hungry. You can let it boop you if you want :3


  • The Tabb is a boss without the Boss tag in its name
  • Defeating the Tabb will award you with the achievement "Defeater of Tarr largos"

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